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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until January to Change Your Life

What is so magical about the date, January 1st? It’s like once we get to this time of year, all of sudden we think we can read 100 books a year, go vegan, and lose 25 pounds overnight. Weird, huh? Guess what… You don’t have to wait for a date on the calendar to change your life. With God’s help, you can start changing your life today!

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I’m Cason!
And I'm so glad you're here. My prayer is that these words give you hope in the everyday so that you can experience God's fullness in
every season.

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Ever feel like everything is just out of control in life? I’ve definitely had seasons of this. There’s a lot of transition, change, or just things I can’t control. When life gets crazy and stress starts to build, what do we do? Here are a few practical tips I implement in my life to try and stay sane when things get crazy.

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Are you feeling insanely overwhelmed? This post is all about practical ways to get out of the cycle of feeling stuck. You can actually take back your power and begin to make choices that empower you to live a life of freedom and abundance. Instead of submitting to feeling overwhelmed, you can live a better way!

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Join host Cason Schulze as she opens up about her own journey with things like anxious thoughts + seasons of depression and shares how you too can find hope, create calm, and get intentional regardless of what you're facing today. 


The Overwhelmed Mom's
Survival Guide

Ready to create calm and get intentional with your life? The simple steps provided in this free guide are backed by research and proven to help you overcome overwhelm and find more space for what matters to you!

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wife, mama, writer, speaker +
mental health advocate for Christian women

I have a heart for overwhelmed women because I was one. Because I still am one from time to time.

I get what it's like to feel stuck, spiraling out of control, and like everything is a mess!

But I want to encourage you in this truth: it is for freedom Christ set you free! 

I want to show you what that can look like practically in your everyday life. Because we were made for so much more than constant overwhelm & just surviving each day. Let's do this!

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