Days Feeling Meaningless? 3 Reminders From Scripture for the Mom Who Is Asking “What’s The Point?!”

May 19, 2022

I’m Cason!
And I'm so glad you're here. My prayer is that these words give you hope in the everyday so that you can experience God's fullness in
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I don’t know about you, but there are some days that just feel meaningless. It’s easy to wonder if anything we’re doing or saying matters. If we’re not careful, we fall into the trap of thinking “this is so pointless”. Today I’m sharing 3 reminders from the Bible that will renew your HOPE and sense of PURPOSE – right now, in whatever you’re facing. Grab your headphones or plug your phone in as you drive and let’s dive in!

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(00:00): Hey mama. Welcome to another episode of Her Pursuit. Thanks so much for being here with me today. It truly is an honor and a privilege for you to sit well, maybe not sit, but listen to these episodes each week, hang out so we can learn and grow together and create these consistent habits in our lives. That help us find more time and more balance, because that is what we all want in life in a motherhood. Right? And I believe that we can find that even in the little years. So I hope that the episodes that you hear, the content here really serves you and that it encourages you and gives you some practical action that you can take in your life and also inspires and encourages you. That change is possible for you. So today we’re going to be talking about shifting our thoughts. We’re gonna be talking about our identity a little bit, who we are in Christ, what God says about who we are.

(00:51): And I feel like these reminders are really going to serve the mom who feels like what’s the point? Like, what is the point here? Maybe you’re just like really tired, really exhausted. Or maybe you feel maybe you don’t feel as much purpose in life or in motherhood as you wish you did. So I just want to remind us of three things today of who God says we are, of what his word says so that we can shift to that. And refocus, whenever we just really feel at the end of ourselves or just beyond exhausted or wandering aimlessly or lacking purpose, even.

(04:13): Okay? So I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just get tired, like really tired, beyond tired, exhausted. And when I’m feeling this way, I feel overwhelmed. Creeping. Honestly, the overwhelm sometimes makes me feel more tired. Does anybody ever feel like that? And if I’m not careful, I will start to shut down. Or if I keep the pace up, if I just keep pressing on it eventually ends not in my favor, AKA literal, emotional breakdown, or me exploding on either another kid or my husband just being honest. But during these times, my mind feels one of two ways, either like chaos all over the place or like a blank void, which sounds terrible. But it’s the truth. So regardless of how you feel when you’re exhausted or when you’re burned out, or when you feel like, what is the point to life in this season?

(05:05): Like, am I the only one here who has ever felt like, what is the purpose of this? What am I doing with myself? What am I doing with my life? What is going on? I hope these three reminders empower you to ground yourself in the truth of God’s word. Because friend, you are his daughter. You are all of these things that we’re about to go over. And so I hope that you, this helps you refocus and recenter and get grounded. Okay? I’m so excited for this one. Let’s get right to it. Number one, you are called, you are called you have a calling and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to get back to basics. Sometimes I get called up in all the details of every single thing that really is not going to matter in light of eternity. It’s not gonna matter all these little tiny, small things that we get caught up in the details.

(05:56): They do not matter. Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God and make him known, right? And right now, right in the middle of this season, we get to do that through our family, through our friends, our coworkers, if you’re working outside the home, you have a mission field that you’re called to right where you are. You’re called to that. And it’s so easy to think that the mission field is somewhere far away, right? Like in another country, a far off land. But in reality, the mission field is wherever your current circumstances, have you wherever you’re spending your time and your days living life and doing what you do, that is the mission field in the living room on your rug, playing a game with your kids at your dining room table, in your backyard, driving down the road in your minivan. And here’s the thing. (06:40): He gives us grace for this day, for this moment. So let tomorrow take care of itself. And I know that is easier said than done. Trust me, I am with you there, but don’t worry about the, how that’s up to God. The outcome is up to him. Your job is just obedience and walking in your calling as a wife, as a mom, whatever you’re doing right now in this season, the work he’s called you to that work has purpose. Even if you’re raising littles, even when you are doing things like dishes and laundry or reading the same story for the fifth time in a row, singing, Jesus loves me before bed, or just serving your family, working in your workplace. It’s meaningful. Someone listening needed that reminder that the work you’re doing has purpose and it is meaningful. It is making a difference and you may not be able to see it now, but there is eternal weight there.

(07:37): So hold onto that truth. The second thing is that you’re set apart. This is so powerful. And I feel like I’m going to say that about every point. I’m so guilty of falling into the world’s way of doing things into the waves of chaos, the noise, the busyness I get sucked in. And I forget that you and I, as Christians, we’ve been set apart your life. My wife should not look like the worlds. We should not be fitting in in a way we should be standing out. That means the way we show up in motherhood, the way we show up as wives, as women, our lives should be set apart. And so I want to challenge you as I challenge myself, to look at your life the way you think, the way you speak your actions and let’s ask ourselves, am I blending in? Or am I standing out?

(08:32): Because if I’m set apart, that means my life. The way I do things, the way I show up, it should look different. My way of doing motherhood, if we’re set apart should be God’s way, not the world’s way. And yes, there are two distinct differences. There, there are different ways that moms of faith show up versus the way the world and culture tells you that motherhood should be. You know what I’m talking about- mommy,-wine culture, and hot mess express and all those things. I’m not saying you have to be perfect and that we’re never waiting for bedtime or naptime or quiet time. We definitely do. But it’s when those things become idols or when we fall into the trap of complaining or getting sucked into this negative mentality, ungratefulness honestly, and I’m not saying there’s not space for valid struggles, right?

(09:27): Like we are obviously going to still struggle. We are going to have difficult really hard days. This is hard. Life is hard, but as a sister in Christ, you and I both have the hope of Jesus. We can trust in the fact that we know there is purpose. There is purpose here. There is purpose today, right now in your season, wherever you are. And so hopefully that encourages you and empowers you and reminds you that you are not only called, but you are set apart. Okay? The last one for today, you are free. There is no condemnation. It’s for freedom that you have been set free. And so many of us are living stuck. You’re stuck. And you’re living in to old ways of life, old patterns, sin, negativity, habits, patterns that do not service. And I’m guilty of this too. But you are not meant for that.

(10:22): You are not meant for that lifestyle because you have been set free from those things. And sure, like Paul says, we’re going to wrestle with the flesh for the rest of our lives, but we can always remind ourselves of the freedom that we have in Christ and do our best to reset our focus and our minds to live and walk in that freedom every single day. And it takes a daily refocusing sometimes moment by moment, hour by hour. I’m so guilty of this. I get called up in old patterns, old ways of thinking, old ways of being, God says you are a new creation. Okay? The old has gone. The new has come. And that is something that every single day that you wake up and your heart is beating and breath is in your lungs, that you have the ability and honestly the privilege to step into and walk out.

(11:13): So I hope that can give you perspective today and just remind you that whatever you’re facing, whatever you might feel entangled in or in to, or weighed down by that that is not from God. Whatever that thing is, is from the enemy. I know that it’s really hard to grasp this in a literal practical way. But the only thing that I can say to encourage you, I think here is just to turn to him, honestly, like turn your heart posture to the Lord and seek him in prayer and return to him over and over and over. And in that allow him to renew your mind and renew those thoughts and remind yourself every day you are free. I am free. I get to walk in freedom. I do not have to let this thing weigh me down. I do not have to let this thing hold me back because in Christ, I’m a new creation.

(12:06): The old is gone. The newest come, the new is here right now. And every day we’re stepping into the new, here’s why this matters because you have influence. You might not have a million followers on Instagram. You might not be a mom influencer, a mommy blogger, whatever those things are. You may not even have any coworkers, but you have influence in your life every day. When you’re out to eat at the grocery store at the park, whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, you’re impacting people from the expressions on your face, to the tone of your voice, the words you speak, the way you respond, the way you react, the way you interact with people, it all impacts people. It influences people and it points them to something. And in a world of brokenness and hopelessness, we are called to be set apart and live in freedom.

(12:55): And that my friend points people to Jesus. When we remind ourselves that we are called, we are set apart and we are free. That is our purpose. And look, I know there’s a mom listening right now because I was there. And so I get that. There are seasons of life when you are so thick in your own stuff, your own, how do I say this? We just, we want to be validated. We want somebody to validate our hurt, our unfairness, the circumstances we are not happy with. We want, and we feel like we need someone to validate that before we can move past it and walk in freedom, right? But I’m telling you the truth of it is that God really will break those chains in your life and give you more of an outward perspective. And I can speak from experience. If you want to go to episode 61 62, you can hear my story in full detail.

(13:54): There was a time when I was so wrapped up and consumed in myself because of all of the hurt because of all the unfairness. And I just couldn’t have the outward perspective. I, I didn’t remind myself daily that I was called that I was set apart that I was free. I didn’t care what other people honestly thought of me. And I don’t care about it now in a way that I get obsessed with what other people think. But I just mean I wasn’t being cognizant of the fact that how I show up in the world matters what I say and do matters. It affects people. And I should care about that. You should care about that. And I know that we’re busy. We’re taking care of little kids. You have babies, you have toddlers, we’re busy, we’re in the thick of it. And we don’t always think about the other person.

(14:38): And I’m not saying that we have to all the time. I just want to remind you that the way you show up matters and it’s, it is okay. If you’re having a really hard time, it’s okay. If you’re in the thick of it, but genuinely ask and pray that God turn your heart posture and your perspective to be reminded of these things. Just see what shifts in. You see what changes. I would challenge you to do that because I’m going to do that myself. I’m going to incorporate that into my prayer. And I’m going to ask God to show me those things, to remind me of these things that I’m reminding you of today. And to remind us that everything that we say and do, whether it’s just our kids alone or our spouse or in our workplace is pointing people to something. What is that? Something we ultimately, I know Christian mama, you want to point your kids to Jesus.

(15:25): You want to point your husband to Jesus. You want to point your friend to Jesus, the cashier, the server, everyone. So I just wanted to remind us of that today, because I know there are seasons where we just get in the thick of it. And sometimes we just need to be reminded a little bit about our identity and who we are and the purpose of our lives. Really? That doesn’t pause. Just because we have little kids. Now, there’s a ton of grace. Like I said, there’s a verse that says he gently leads. Those who have young. So I don’t want to put words into the Bible, but I feel like mama’s might have a little bit of extra dose of grace. Maybe your God is kind, your God is compassionate. Your God loves you. And he has called you and he has set you apart and he has set you free. (16:10): And he is truly the only thing that can fill your cup. So in a world that tries to convince you of a lot of different things that can fill you up at the end of the day, spending time with the Lord is a way to fill your cup. For me, that is self-care. If you found this episode to be helpful, if you would take a screenshot right now, tag me on Instagram, it doesn’t matter if you’re listening the day of a week later or a year later. If this episode right now has impacted you, and if you’re taking any negative truth away, I would love to hear from you. You can take a screenshot and tag me on socials. My handle on Instagram is currently @heyitscason. I would love to hear from you and love to hear your takeaway from this episode. Or you can shoot me a quick message. Don’t forget more time for mom is starting on Monday. So if you want to join us, scroll down the show notes, click in, grab your spot. We start on Monday. I’ll talk to you soon, friend

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