Hey mama, I’m Cason!
SAHM, writer, and podcast juggling #allthethings

Self proclaimed introvert, overthinker and oversharer of... pretty much everything!

there was a time when

chaos consumed me...
I was struggling as a mom and felt completely overwhelmed. I wasn't sure if things would ever change. 

But I was a Christian, so why did I feel this way? Everything was spiraling out of control and my life felt like a mess.

Where was the hope, joy, and peace God promised me?

I couldn't see it then, but the enemy had me entangled in SO many lies that were threatening to choke out every ounce of faith I had left. 

Then one day, I hit rock bottom. I knew from that point forward something had to give (read: I needed to get my life together)

I knew this would take intentional action steps on my part and I was ready to do whatever it took to feel better and finally experience true peace.

The chaos felt like too much.
But, God..

Intellectually we know nothing is too
big for God. Looking at my life it
was hard to believe He could bring order from all of the inner and outer chaos that was consuming me.

But, God began teaching me the power of simple daily rhythms. And I started implementing them into my everyday life. To my surprise, I began to find
more space.

Space to breathe again.
Space to hope again.
Space for what actually mattered to me.

And that changed everything.

I promise you aren't too far gone. And there's nothing too big (or too messy)
for God.

The opposite of chaos is order. I believe when we partner with God, our ability to bring order from chaos is an expression of God's image through us.

Top: The day I became a mom.
Left: our trip to Utah.
Right: My favorite people in our favorite place!

One of the practical ways we bring chaos into order is by creating rhythms for our everyday lives.

PS - they can and should be realistic! This has worked for me and many other women in this community. If you're ready, then let's do this, sis!

besides WRITING, HOMESCHOOLING, cooking, and cleaning..

I'm the host of Her Pursuit, a top ranked podcast for moms.

My hope is to empower everyday moms with practical tools needed to partner with God and bring chaos into order.




I love cozy sweaters. Seriously, I own like 23. You can't go wrong with a good sweater.


I'm not a morning person,
but I love my morning time (alone).


I almost rented a car once to avoid flying. The drive was 12 hours & the flight was 2. I flew. #anxietyprobs


My births have been wild: one C-Section & two VBACS (one unmedicated). I love hearing mamas' birth stories!

This is me in a nutshell!
Do we have anything in common?


Favorite indulgence

Dark Chocolate


Reading.. Puzzles.. I'm basically 75

fave bible verse

Ephesians 3:20


My skincare #thisis30

favorite place i've been

Utah. It's absolutely gorgeous out west!

coffee or tea

Hot tea

when i became a christian

I decided to follow Jesus in 8th grade!

usually craving

A good salad... and fries. 

beach or mountains

Beach bum for sure!

hardest part about mom life

The tension between soaking up every second and taking time for myself.

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