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Struggling to Get Things Done? 5 Simple Productivity Tips for the Busy Stay at Home Mom!

Do you ever get to the end of your day and ask yourself, “What did I actually do all day?” or “Where is all of my time going?”. If so, you’re not alone.

It’s so easy as busy mamas not even to “waste” our time but spend it doing everything else for everybody else and not actually getting anything done that we would like to get done – whether that be for ourselves or in our homes.

Today I’m sharing 5 tips for being more productive as a stay at home mom. It can be hard to structure your day and manage your time efficiently. But don’t worry, friend, I’ve got you!

Productivity and time management doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult and this episode will walk you through some simple steps to take to get more done! Put your headphones on or plug your phone into your car and let’s get started.

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I’m Cason!
And I'm so glad you're here. My prayer is that these words give you hope in the everyday so that you can experience God's fullness in
every season.

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Loving our bodies postpartum and even years after having babies can be a difficult thing to navigate. I’m so excited to have my friend Liz Henderson on today’s show to share her knowledge and expertise in this area.

We’ll talk about what’s it’s like to feel like a stranger in your own skin, wanting to feel like yourself again, and how impatient we can be with change and weight loss after delivery.

Liz reminds us we’re not alone in the unpredictability of motherhood and that there are many layers to healing, processing, and finding ourselves again after delivery. It does take time, but there are things you can do now, or as soon as you feel ready, to help support yourself in your healing journey and begin feeling like yourself again postpartum.

If you’re wondering where to start and how to begin loving your body after babies, this episode is for you! How does mindset play into health, wellness, and weight loss? It may be a bigger factor than you realize.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, we’ll talk about how to pick the ONE thing that is simple and sustainable for you and your life. Grab some earbuds or plug us into the car and let’s dive in!

Liz Henderson is a postpartum weight loss coach who helps moms get consistent and lose weight. She supports the moms in her community through their postpartum journey.

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Have you ever asked yourself “will this season of motherhood last forever?” “will I ever be able to do (fill in the blank) again? In this episode we will talk about how to shift your focus from where you are now, zoom out, and look at your life as a whole and how that gives us perspective to enjoy the season we’re in right now. Sometimes it feels like certain seasons of motherhood are never-ending. And it can be difficult to find perspective during those hard seasons.

How to not rush through that last story at bedtime, the last song she wants you to sing, the last hug or kiss he asks for.

I hope this episode reminds you of how quickly life and our seasons change – even though some days feel FOREVER long! Is it possible that one day, when they’re all grown up we’ll look back and think about how small this whole season of the little years truly was. So how can we be fully present and enjoy it right now? Put your earbuds in and get ready for a heart to heart from me to you.

We’ll laugh together and probably cry together in this one, mama. So grab the tissues and listen when you can feel any feels that may come up for you!

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What are boundaries? What do healthy boundaries look like in our everyday lives?

How can we define and set our own boundaries (and enforce them)? On today’s episode we’re scratching the surface on this topic, but I hope it’s practical and helpful for you in setting your own boundaries. I’ll even walk you through a simple step by step process for how to do this.

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