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Spring is Coming The Hope of a New Season When Life is Overwhelming

Hey mama! It’s MARCH!!! And while it’s not spring… yet… it is soooo close. This episode is going to bless and encourage you and remind you of the hope that a new season IS COMING, especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by where you’re at right now in motherhood and life. Maybe winter has felt dark in more ways than one. Maybe you feel as if your hope is fading. Maybe you just feel stuck in a super hard season. If you relate to any of these, then YOU are who this message is for.

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I’m Cason!
And I'm so glad you're here. My prayer is that these words give you hope in the everyday so that you can experience God's fullness in
every season.

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We all have an inner critic. It’s that negative voice we hear on repeat. I call her the mean girl in my head. It’s the condescending, negative thoughts that replay in our minds day in and day out. More than likely, you have the same set of negative thoughts running through your mind each day.
Do our thoughts matter?
Does what we focus on matter?
Is there any way to change or get rid of these nasty, mean thoughts that consume us?

I’m so glad you’re here because the answer is YES! You can take control of your mind and the thoughts you think. And it may not be as complicated as you believe it is. You are not stuck, mama. There is hope for you!! Grab some tea or coffee, a pair of headphones and get ready to be encouraged, informed, and inspired to create change in your life by starting with just one thought.

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I don’t know about you, but there are some days that just feel meaningless. It’s easy to wonder if anything we’re doing or saying matters. If we’re not careful, we fall into the trap of thinking “this is so pointless”. Today I’m sharing 3 reminders from the Bible that will renew your HOPE and sense of PURPOSE – right now, in whatever you’re facing. Grab your headphones or plug your phone in as you drive and let’s dive in!

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In today’s episode, we’re talking all things mindset. Do you struggle with mindset or negative thoughts? Do you ever feel like the mean girl in your mind bosses you around or even bullies you? What would it look like to take control of your thoughts and begin to tell your thoughts what to think? How is this possible and where do you even start? Today I’m giving some practical advice for getting back in the driver’s seat and taking control of your thoughts and mindset.

If you feel stuck in a negative mindset or tend to take a glass half empty approach, then this episode is for you. You have a choice and you have the power to stand up to the negative thoughts that try to consume you and boss you around. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true, so let that empower you, mama!

There are so many good truth bombs in this episode, like why you should start to question the narrative you may have had on repeat for majority of your life and reminding you that YOU get to decide what you believe about yourself and those around you. What story will you tell yourself about who you are and your life?

Let’s rewrite your narrative, friend. Because you only get one life. You only get one shot at motherhood. Don’t let it pass you by just barely surviving each day. You can thrive in motherhood and life right now, right where you are if you can learn to master your mindset. There is so much freedom and abundance waiting for you to step into. These practical tips will encourage you and get you started! And I promise it’s much simpler than you think!

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I have a heart for overwhelmed women because I was one. Because I still am one from time to time.

I get what it's like to feel stuck, spiraling out of control, and like everything is a mess!

But I want to encourage you in this truth: it is for freedom Christ set you free! 

I want to show you what that can look like practically in your everyday life. Because we were made for so much more than constant overwhelm & just surviving each day. Let's do this!

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