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Motherhood threw me for a loop. Between hormonal imbalances, so many transitions, and not knowing how to balance it all, I completely lost myself. I spiraled. And it wasn’t pretty.

2 years later, I walked into a crisis center. Anxiety was all-consuming and depression felt like a deep, dark pit that I couldn’t escape. I felt hopeless and alone.

Life became a blur of chaos and overwhelm and I became a victim to my thoughts and circumstances. What should’ve been a time of soaking up my biggest blessings was marked by panic attacks and complete overwhelm.

Something had to change, but creating true change wasn’t going to just happen. I knew that in order to experience true transformation I needed to partner with God, get intentional (aka get my life together), and take small steps to talk back my thoughts, my time, and my energy.

Taking one baby step at a time and with the power of the Holy Spirit, I began to create a more peaceful life that translated into other areas like my home, my schedule, my mood, and my motherhood.

That change is possible for you too, friend.

These things are a part of my story, but they’re not the end of my story. And they aren’t the end of yours either! My goal is to encourage you in your own journey toward a life of peace and purpose RIGHT now, not “some day when…”.

I’m so glad you’re here. You’re not alone. And there’s so much more to be written in your story!


You were created for so much more than survival mode, mama!


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